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Safe days in times of Corona

If desired, hold conferences with up to 42 people at a distance.
In our event barn, a ventilation system ensures a constant supply of fresh air.


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At ACANTUS, event participants can be tested for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in our separate ACANTUS test house before the start of an event or daily by appropriately trained staff or with the help of self-tests. We would be happy to take over the relevant organization for you.



In our largest conference room (event barn) with 190 square meters, which is directly connected to a 173 square meter foyer that can be opened on three sides (thus a total of 363 square meters of covered and exclusive event space), a ventilation system is used in addition to the air conditioning. This supplies the entire room and the toilets with up to 9,700 cubic meters of fresh air per hour. We can thus supply the event room with around ten times the entire room volume of the event barn of fresh air per hour.



The distance is given by appropriate floor or table markings.
All participants will be informed of the hygiene rules when entering the conference room.
Disinfection dispensers are available at all entrance doors.
Sufficient disposable gloves and disinfectant wipes (e.g. for the moderation case) are provided.




If required by the authorities or desired by the organizer, a distance of 1.50 meters between the participants will always be maintained during the event in the event room, during all meals in the restaurant or on the restaurant terrace and generally on the entire hotel premises. The coffee breaks can take place in the restaurant, in the event room on the square, on the restaurant terrace or, if necessary, in the barn foyer at standing tables.


Book our banquet hall as an exclusive location for your conference without having to meet other guests. Both the conference and the hospitality, from breakfast to dinner, take place in the banquet hall, separated by a mobile glass wall.


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